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Were You Scared?


*All students named in this essay are at least 18 years of age and have given their consent.

It’s 4:30 and we are sitting around on the floor of the dirty hallway outside of my “cloffice,” which is literally a very small utility closet that I joke about doing yoga in each morning. We are using the paper cutter and several children’s-sized, safe, “microbiotic” scissors, preparing…

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Our amazing staffers @chixonthehud & @aurorarose13 visited #facestockholm and got the scoop on all the neon goodies. 💄💗

Our amazing staffers @chixonthehud & @aurorarose13 visited #facestockholm and got the scoop on all the neon goodies. 💄💗


[Review] Patricia Lockwood’s Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals

[Review] Patricia Lockwood’s Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals

Screenshot 2014-08-19 at 11.28.25 AMBY PHILIP GORDON

“sext: im poetry. im dead and im inside u at all times”

Anyone who suckles even semi-regularly from the content-delivery teat of the internet should be fully aware of who Patricia Lockwood is–even if you’re not one of her 45,000 Twitter followers, chances are you caught a glimpse of Lockwood’s poetry when her poem ‘Rape Joke’ went viral in July of 2013. There’s a good reason…

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What happens when a group of poets get together to honor Audrey Hepburn?

A Tiffany’s Dream by Liuyu Chen

a yellow cab pulled half way
to your dream
a cat soaked in the rain
a cage, your only free creation
you put on the cheap ring
a name shudders, missing
its family name
a man, many imperfections
a moon, a river
two separate wings
a wheel keeps turning
a puddle into flame


An Audrey Hepburn Poetry Tribute What happens when a group of poets get together to honor Audrey Hepburn? A Tiffany’s Dream…

The Taylor Swift Pop Era Has Fully Arrived

The Taylor Swift Pop Era Has Fully Arrived


We knew this was coming! After the immense radio success and general greatness of “I Knew You Were Trouble” off 2012’s Red – y’know, the one that the NYTimes called “one of the year’s great pop songs” — it was obvious that Taylor Swift’s next move would be go to full-on pop for album number five.

Am I, the serious fan that I am, upset about it?


Well, that’s a lie. I was, for like a…

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I Was Censored When I Used a Bad Word to Discuss that Exact Word

I Was Censored When I Used a Bad Word to Discuss that Exact Word

I enjoy music a lot and I occasionally listen to some Hip-hop and Rap. However, I cannot understand why there is a need to use vulgar name calling towards women. As an attempt to build a dialogue with a group of women, I asked the question: Some Rap artists like to use the word “hoe” to describe the women in their songs. I don’t like it, do you?

Instead of a dialogue about music, language that…

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Seasonal Affective Disorder In Unnatural Cities

Seasonal Affective Disorder In Unnatural Cities

I have always fear the end of summer, the ways its internal clock ticks as loudly as the sky. You can see time changing day by day. One day, it will be time for the light to fall in orange and it only falls in grey. I have always had a hard time with endings. Of course, with summer, there is the notion of rebirth – that everything must die for other things to have a chance. It is a biblical…

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Misadventures Abroad: Most of My Friends Are On the Internet

Misadventures Abroad: Most of My Friends Are On the Internet

Living 3000 miles away from home can be an isolating experience. I’ve lived in 3 different countries in 3 years. As soon as I build a community in one place, it seems like I leave it for another.

My best friend and I have known each other for 15 years. She and I have Skyped once a week since I moved abroad. Technology gives me the ability to stay connected to her and what’s going on in her life.

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Don’t Call Me Cute

Don’t Call Me Cute

There are a lot of things I hate about formal dating. For one, if you’re the woman in the scenario, there’s the inherent risk; the one that necessitates a technological buddy system (“this is the bar we’re going to, the address, his phone number and OkCupid profile, and I’ll text you at 11:00 with an update on any movements. If you don’t hear from me by 1 a.m., call the cops”) which may seem like…

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Weekly Tarot With Tif: Reckless Without Reason

Weekly Tarot With Tif: Reckless Without Reason

Weekly Tarot for 8/17/2014-8/23/2014

The last weekly tarot advised: “Which one? Where the High Priestess touches the crystal ball, she reminds you to trust your own vision, that wisdom must spring from your intuition. Since intuition often works with symbolism and pattern in our lives, look for subtle synchronicity and what this may be trying to remind you to do. You already know.

Weekly Tarot:…

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Three Poems by Sara Biggs Chaney

Three Poems by Sara Biggs Chaney

Located Listening to Michael Bublé

after ejecting the ghost of Frank Sinatra
from a recently vacated airport terminal
opposite the global archive of sepulchral personalities
aboard an escalator that never rises or descends but scrolls
past a glassy page– spectacular, bromidic –
behind which, barely visible, lies tarmac
worth a half dozen memories of homecoming
through the blizzard of 1962– world…

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Work From Kristina Marie Darling’s THE ARCTIC CIRCLE

Work From Kristina Marie Darling’s THE ARCTIC CIRCLE



You told me a story about the wedding, how on the day of the ceremony, a storm shook the chapel where you where you waited.

You were the oldest of the men she kissed, and there were so many she wouldn’t tell you the exact number. Rain smudged the stained glass windows, tore into the dovecotes. You never told anyone about the other men you because you’d…

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Two Poems By Susan Bruce

Two Poems By Susan Bruce

Susan Bruce was inspired to write poetry by Tony Kushner in whose Pulitzer Prize winning Angels In America she starred when it premiered on Broadway. While still appearing occasionally in movies and on the stage, she now turns most of her creative energies towards the written word. Her poems have appeared in Barrow Street, 34th Parallel, Women’s Studies Quarterly, Finery, Other Rooms and Minerva…

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PMS Is A Fact, Not Fiction, So Deal With It

PMS Is A Fact, Not Fiction, So Deal With It



So, rewind two days: my deadline was looming and I couldn’t decide what I should write about. I was exhausted and cranky. I was having joint pain (above and beyond the usual—I have rheumatoid arthritis) and really strong cravings for potato chips. And I just could not seem to concentrate long enough to pick anything out of the list of possible articles in my head.

The next day…

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Celebrate Your Successes By Stop Piling On Guilt & Planning

Celebrate Your Successes By Stop Piling On Guilt & Planning


Being happy & successful–having that ‘perfect’ life as illustrated by your finely curated Instagram–is all about attitude. Very rarely are the people around you as satisfied with their progress–professionally, personally, & spiritually–because they just lucked out and got that long-desired big break. Of course, some people do catch some slack & get cut a great deal without seemingly much effort…

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